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Camera slung over his shoulder, Patrick Laverdant traverses his native island in pursuit of light and life. He scans his surroundings for the beautiful, the raw, the authentic, the humble, offering tender insights into the diverse island culture and varied landscape. 

Patrick is passionate about photography, surfing and the sea. At 23, he began his surf-wear company in Tamarin, which evolved into a major local surfing brand across the island. After years of the retail treadmill and tired of the routine, he picked up his forgotten camera to reconnect and express his artistic side. Despite the huge leap in camera technology, he quickly adapted to digital, enjoying the ease of Lightroom in place of a darkroom

Through his lens, this self-taught Mauritian photographer captures the unspoiled and the forgotten, juxtaposed with rapid modernisation - the stories told in the faces of his sensitive portraits.

Since his work is completely spontaneous, Patrick immerses himself into local life, gaining as much proximity to the people as they allow, offering us an unpretentious mix of reportage and crafted art. Delicately balancing his control over light, colour and unusual but impeccable composition, Patrick brings an original and honest view of the salt pans, fishermen, local shops, nature, faces and daily living. An illuminated narrative of the traditions of Mauritius and Rodrigues. His beautiful Black and Whites are highly sort after and hang on the walls of the islands most prestigious hotels, as well as featured in international magazines.