Patrick Laverdant crosses his native island with the camera slung over his shoulder. This self-taught Mauritian photographer takes a tender and human look at the lives of Mauritians, especially those of the most humble. His artistic clichés give us to see an island Mauritius full of colors, authentic and alive. His work is exclusively based on spontaneous photography, immerging himself into local life to get as close as possible to the people. Perfectionism illuminating his work, rocks the sensitivity that punctuates his life. He offer us his unpretentious love of the image.

Patrick is very passionate about photography, surfing and the sea. At the age of 23, he starts his own surfwear company in Tamarin, which over the years has been a huge success across the island but separated in 2007, tired of the routine. He then equips himself with a camera and reconnects with this old passion. Technology has evolved but adaptation to digital is fast. In 2008, he leaves Mauritius for Switzerland where he will remain 5 years and returns regularly to fill up the images that feed his website.

His artistic approach through his photos of saltpans, small shops, fishermen, among others, is also a testimony to the traditions of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Its beautiful Blacks and Whites are very much appreciated and exhibited in the most beautiful hotels on the island as well as in international magazines.